What is Optical Spectroscopy?

Optical spectroscopy is the study of absorption and emission of light by materials. Measuring this emission and absorption provides valuable insights into the properties liquids, solids and gases and can be used for analysis in applications such as medicine, agriculture, environmental monitoring and counterfeit detection.

In the same way that droplets of rain split sunlight into its constituent colours to create a rainbow, our spectrometers divide light into bands which are converted into electrical signals. These electrical signals are digitised and stored by the spectrometer where they are compared to expected responses for the materials being analysed. This enables our spectrometers to be programmed with intelligence and take decisions regarding what they see. In contrast to existing spectrometer solutions, Intellispectra spectrometers are extremely compact and robust. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes we use allow us to deliver spectroscopy solutions at a fraction of the cost of other offerings on the market today.


Intellispectra developed their first compact spectrometer in 2015 and since then have been decreasing the size and cost of their products while increasing robustness and performance. Our current spectrometers measure only 20mm x 15mm, weigh less than 50g are waterproof and shock resisitant. With a measurement range from the visible to near-infrared, high spectral resolution and wide dynamic range, they are a small footprint, low-cost alternative to traditional spectrometers on the market today. 

Intellispectra is based in the United Kingdom and is a collaboration between several leading UK technology companies and University organisations. Based upon a solid IP portfolio and with support from UK government funding bodies, Intellispectra's technology enables the mass production of the most compact and cost-effective high-performance spectroscopy tools on the market today. Our spectrometers can be used as stand-alone instruments or integrated into other equipment as an OEM solution at a price-point that enables the widescale use of spectroscopy in applications that were not possible until today. As a cutting-edge technology company, Intellispectra are continuously developing their technology portfolio to realise ever smaller and more cost effective products to answer not only today's needs but also tomorrows requirements for new and ever-more powerful optical analysis tools.  


Agriculture and food: our spectrometers detect crop stress and disease and ensure food quality and security 

Medicine and Health: our spectrometers distinguish healthy and malignant tissues, identify proteans and microorganisms.

Counterfeit Detection: our spectrometers identfy optical security features in products, banknotes and labels.

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